Kindergarten:  Chronological and topical studies of the Old and New Testaments, 包括亚当和夏娃在内的圣经人物, 诺亚, 亚伯拉罕, 以撒, 约瑟夫, 摩西, 参孙, 撒母耳, 大卫, 丹尼尔, 约拿, 和全球十大外围足球平台. Topics include Creation, learning about the Bible, the life of Christ, prayer, and missions. Lessons for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.

Grade 1-2: Focus on the foundational teachings of the Bible, 包括神的本性和品格, 他的子民和教会的品质, 对圣经的概述, 神的属性, 圣经人物, the early church and what it means to know 耶稣 and live for Him. 旧约人物, 露丝, 大卫, 以利亚, 尼希米, 以斯帖, 丹尼尔, 约伯和新约中的人物, 耶稣, 彼得和保罗.

Grade 3-4: Focus in grade 3 on the New Testament: We cover the Birth, 生活, Death and Resurrection of 耶稣 sharing the Gospel message! We explore what it means to be a friend and a friend of 耶稣 and how friends tell others good news. We explore the Apostle Paul and how God can forgive us and we look at Paul's mission to the gentile believers. We finally look at ourselves and who we are as the church with a look into our own gifts and how we can use them for 耶稣. 在四年级集中学习旧约. We look at creation and the consequences of sin. We explore how sin's consequences can explain all the bad in the world today. We look at answering apologetics questions about this. We then concent率 on the 亚伯拉罕ic Covenant and focus on how God keeps His promises. Next we move into God's covenant with 以色列 and how the sacrificial system of blood was put in place. We look at how 以色列 could not keep God's laws and failed over and over again. This will help us with our own failures and mistakes. Lastly we look at the Nation of 以色列 as God promised 亚伯拉罕. God keeps His promises to 亚伯拉罕 and He keeps His promises to us today.

Grade 6: Focus on the foundational teachings of the Bible, 包括神的本性和品格, 他的子民和教会的品质, 包括标题为, 上帝的伟大设计, 之前的基础, 通过契约, 血下, 皇室家庭, 上帝的普罗维登斯, 耶稣的生平, 化身的词, 地球的尽头.


在初级语言艺术中, 阅读, 写作, and spelling are connected - woven together to provide students with a solid language-arts foundation.  基础和框架计划, using authentic literature for 阅读 skill development, 根据每个学生的能力水平选择, 在整个小学阶段都使用.

幼儿园:字母和声音识别, 写所有的大写和小写字母, 初级语音技能, 看到单词, 写单词和句子, 基本的标点符号, 开始资本化, 阅读策略, 理解和流利

1年级:扩展语音技能, 拓展阅读策略, 引导阅读和自主阅读, 阅读理解, 初级语法技能, 标点符号, 资本化, 词首部分, 介绍写作过程, 简单的读书报告, 杂志写文章

二级:词性, 句型与用法, 具备时间顺序段落的写作技巧, 友好的信, 诗, 段落, 还有一个研究项目

Grade 3-4: In grade 3 and 4 we focus on similar things however grade 4 is required to commit to more detail, 更大的长度, 预计会有一个更完美的造型. 句子结构, 写力学, 时间顺序和指导性写作, 书信写作, 对名词进行研究, 动词 & 形容词, compare and Contrast 写作 with persuasive intent, analysis of fiction 写作 with focus on character development, 背景和情节结构, write our own fiction children's book or storyboard a comic strip, 实践研究方法, outlining and note taking in a paper-presentation to be shared with the school. If we have time at the end of the year we explore different forms of poetry. During this time on Thursdays special time is devoted to teaching typing skills with the expectation that by 3rd quarter 文章s will be typewritten.

Grade 4:  Emphasis on independent 阅读 and skill development, 英语语法和用法, as well as practice with essential reference skills for using dictionaries and encyclopedias. Parts of speech and sentence structures are examined in detail to help students gain a mastery of grammar. The 写作 process is explained in a step-by-step manner to be implemented in a variety of 写作 assignments, 比如个人叙述, 一份研究报告, 还有一封商业信函.

Grade 5: Emphasis on independent 阅读 and skill development and traditional grammar as well as practice with vital reference skills and step-by-step use of the 写作 Process for eight different types of 写作 assignments, 比如比较合同论文, 有说服力的商业信函, 镶人造钻石, 和更多的. Practice and reinforcement with resource skills using thesaurus and 写作 models, 缩写, 介词, 同音异形异义词, 图表模型.

Grade 6: Reading skill development through the Foundations and Frameworks program using authentic literature, 根据每个学生的能力水平选择.  Writing and grammar includes work with parts of speech, 个人叙述, 报纸编辑, 研究项目, 历史小说, compare-contrast, 文章, 诗歌和求职信. Expository, persuasive, descriptive and narrative 写作 are used throughout these exercises.



The math curriculum focuses on the order of God’s universe.  The curriculum allows students to see how God has a perfect plan.  They also learn how to problem solve using the world of order created by God.

幼儿园:从数字到100, 从两数到100, 5, 和十, 分类模式, 图形, 测量, 时间到一小时半小时, 金钱概论, 简单的加减法, 解决文字问题

一级:图案, 加减法等于18, 两位数的加减法, 几何和分数入门, 数到100, 位值, 图, time, 钱, 测量, 推荐十大正规网赌平台题, 批判性思维能力

Grade 2: Addition and subtraction facts to 18, 位值, 钱, time, 几何与分数, 测量, 两位数的加减法, 计算能力和文字问题

等级3:位置价值, 复习加法和减法事实, multiplication and division facts from 0 - 18, 钱, 几何, 测量, 图, time, 钱, 以及解决问题的能力

Grade 6: Numerical expressions and 方程, 小数, 数论和分数概念, 分数运算, 率, 比, 和比例, 百分比, 代数-整数和有理数, 不平等, 方程, 和图表, 几何-线条, 角, 多边形和圆, 测量计算, data, 图与概率




The science curriculum leads students to see God’s hand in the world around them.  材料和 process of inquiry will enrich their knowledge of creation, 肯定他们对造物主的信仰, and empower them to be good stewards of creation.  

幼儿园:欣赏上帝的创造, 认识鸟类, 错误, 磁铁, 季节, 水, 人类的身体, 天气, 岩石, 海洋, 太阳, 月亮, 植物, 和动物. 体验实践活动.

2级:骨骼和肌肉, 健康与安全, 动物, 液体和固体, 位置和运动, 浮力与船只

三级:循环和呼吸系统, 植物, 力和电, 热量和温度, 土壤, 自然资源, 和结构

Grade 4 - 5: Scientific investigations, force and motion, organ systems, 天气, minerals, 岩石 & 地球的结构

Grade 6: Scientific investigations for the immune and nervous systems, 生命的多样性, 能源, 电, 事, 天气, 飞行



社会研究课程, supported by the Bob Jones University Press Heritage Studies text, 集成了圣经, 公民身份, 文化, 经济学, 地理位置, government and history to reveal God’s wisdom, 全能, sovereignty and benevolence in the world around us.

幼儿园:地理:美国地标. 历史:印第安人,殖民生活. Culture: families, community helpers, Hispanic culture, Bible times, farming, American celeb比ns.

Grade 2 -3 : United States history from early explorers and Native Americans to the Civil War.

Grade 4 - 5: United States history from the creation of the car in the late 1800s through the 2015 Clean Power plan, include the invention and influence of the automobile and airplane, 第一次世界大战, 咆哮的二十年代, 大萧条, 二战, 越南战争, 争取民权的斗争, 反恐战争, 阿富汗和伊拉克战争, 以及移民决策

六年级:历史起源, 美索不达米亚, 古埃及, 以色列, 印度, 中国, 波斯, 希腊, 和罗马, 拜占庭帝国, 中美洲, 古老的非洲, 日本和中世纪的欧洲